5 Crypto Industry Problems Countered by Kaizen.Finance

If you want sense, you’ll have to make it yourself!” — Norton Juster

Thriving in the wild waters of the crypto industry is a tall task. Not everyone gets to be lucky.

Even the biggest ships gliding on the surface are rocked with volatility and fluctuations, resembling a rollercoaster you could see at the amusement park. The problem is, crypto is not designed to keep all the parties happy and guarantee you a good time.

The crypto industry is often compared to the Wild West, but it’s more like the Pacific Ocean. It can’t be crossed without a plan or lived through without proper tools and equipment.

In this article Kaizen.Finance will share how it helps projects make sense of the crypto market when they’re looking to launch, “cross over”, and reach the promised destination X.

There’s a Handful of Obstacles To Overcome

A lot of upstart crypto project leaders are overwhelmed with the challenges brought to the table.

Most don’t have first-hand experience leading such specific projects, failing to prepare ahead of time and failing to accept that nothing is guaranteed. This is not a condemnation of someone’s inexperience, just the way things work in this space.

You have to keep your ear close to the ground at all times, be surrounded by technically gifted, and, what’s more important, honest workers. You need serious funding and a stroke of luck with the timing. All while never stopping the promotion of the project in various channels.

That’s a lot to take in when you’re just getting your feet wet. Let’s look over the main challenges and find out how Kaizen.Finance helps projects carry the proverbial load.

Fact #1: Kaizen.Finance Lowers the Entry Barrier

Just getting started in crypto is not as easy as one would hope.

Projects often lack the monetary backing, as well as the expertise in token creation and management. Suffice to say, expecting some serious returns just because of the time invested into the project is naive.

That’s why Kaizen.Finance takes on the responsibility of streamlining the token generation process, automating vesting schedules, and regulating the tokenomics. Kaizen makes the technical aspect of crypto management accessible to non-coding visionaries, simultaneously saving their time and funds.

Apart from that, projects enrolling with Kaizen get access to the extended community of battle-proven experts, who are working together to improve the service.

Fact #2: Cross-Chain Solution Unlocks More Possibilities

There are many blockchains in the space, and their sheer existence can make things more challenging for both projects and investors.

First, there are complications with community engagement, and secondly, it’s tougher to get the attention of investors when you’re restricted in your movement. The inconvenience caused by the complex nature of cross-chain communication of blockchains, in particular, calls for innovative decisions.

Kaizen allows users to work with the most of their assets and dApps regardless of the chains they are situated in.

Fact #3: Diversifying the Income Options for Investors with Staking

There are not enough products on the market catering to the needs of long-term investors.

Kaizen.Finance is aware of that and added staking capabilities to allow the holders to accumulate passive income on their assets.

Long-term investors get generous percentages for their commitment. Kaizen protocol addresses major impediments to regulate supply and demand through attractive prices on secondary sales, airdrops, and staking.

Kaizen staking leverages the full security potential of decentralized finance. Therefore the rewards are generated and transferred automatically, and no entity can meddle with them.

Fact #4: Locked Assets Can Be Put Into Motion

The overwhelming majority of projects issue out their tokens locked, and until that condition is lifted, the turnover of invested funds remains non-existent. But just because a token is locked, however, doesn’t mean it has to be static.

Kaizen introduces collateralized tokens that represent an ownership claim on an underlying asset locked in the Kaizen smart contract. Collateralized tokens are immediately distributed to investor wallets after the purchase of locked tokens. When locked tokens become available for the unlock, collateralized tokens are used to claim these unlocked tokens on Kaizen.

Kaizen enables investors to trade the future value of locked tokens without disrupting their market value or trading volumes. This provides even more wiggle room for potential income and flexibility never witnessed before in the market.

Kaizen facilitates a secondary market, Kaizen Decentralized Exchange, shortly kDEX, that is beneficial to both the issuer of the token and its investors alike.

Kaizen DEX (kDEX) is a decentralized exchange dedicated to buying, trading and selling of collateralized tokens. Through trading of collateralized tokens on kDEX, Kaizen taps into the unique market of locked liquidity. It has the potential to release the liquidity with an estimated value of $200 billion locked in unvested assets back into the market. Collateralized tokens can be traded, staked or bought/sold on the kDEX.

This means that the platform satisfies the needs of both long-term and short-term investors.

Fact #5: Establishing Ground for Dynamic Fundraising

Fundraising is the undisputed challenge for any crypto project, no matter who’s involved in it.

When projects opt to launch through Kaizen.Finance, they take on the privileges mentioned above. Projects get their hands on automated tools for crypto projects to manage their tokenomics, like issuing tokens, automating vesting schedules, scheduling Token Generation Event, holding airdrops, moving tokens from one blockchain to another with cross-chain bridges, embedding the token protection and fair launch, etc.

Being the first full-stack cross-chain platform, Kaizen helps projects and their investors engage and interact in a decentralized digital space in a whole new way.

With this approach, Kaizen provides credibility and simplicity of token launch via​ embedding of best practices for the whole process, driving industry closer to mass adoption.

Kaizen Is All About Building on Top of the Progress

Implementing automated tools helps projects using Kaizen ensure a safer and more transparent process of managing their crypto businesses.

Kaizen creates a kDEX market for the future value trading of locked tokens prior to them being fully unlocked. This way Kaizen provides investors with brand new tools to get additional revenue on their funds.

The shift in the paradigm of token governance is a massive step for the whole decentralized finance environment. Kaizen creates a favorable environment for project managers and makes their work more apparent and tangible to investors.

Kaizen Finance has already raised investments and has an ever-expanding list of projects looking to launch in the upcoming few months. Kaizen strives to be the change it wants to see in the decentralized world…

And we’re determined to make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.




Kaizen is a first-ever Token Lifecycle Management cross-chain platform for both projects and investors

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Kaizen is a first-ever Token Lifecycle Management cross-chain platform for both projects and investors

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