Are You Ready For the Listing?

Dear Kaizen Finance followers and supporters!

As you know, all Public, Community Round participants have received their locked tokens!

To make sure you received your locked tokens, please visit, connect your wallet and check your token amount!

You still have some time to Stake your locked tokens while the best conditions are still available! ;)

We want to thank you for being with us along the way, and would like to briefly explain several steps you should make prior to the listing event, to make sure you have a positive and profitable experience.

First of all, beware of scammers and make sure you’re using the correct KZEN, xKZEN and eKZEN wallet addresses from this list:


KZEN: 0x4550003152F12014558e5CE025707E4DD841100F

Binance Smart Chain or Polygon

KZEN: 0x4550003152F12014558e5CE025707E4DD841100F

xKZEN: 0xAA0E058E84B7e0008fac3e35Ae5954C3Af224bB6

eKZEN: 0x455B75A6DCF86e700B020765DFbcbE7D4A3b73f5



xKZEN: G1B6TwvfotwX4eVY7pcP6SDyZRGiTPwnKAL3bexi72WN

Transparency is key to the philosophy of Kaizen.Finance, and we understand that cold numbers are the best way to showcase our trustworthiness. You can always check the list of holders and smart contracts we have in all the chains that are corresponding to our tokenomics.

The listing on will be cross-chain, so KZEN deposits will be accepted on any chain. As announced, we will also list KZEN on PancakeSwap, so if you want to bridge our token to BSC to trade there — detailed instructions are coming in the next few days! With this information you will be able to move your KZEN (not xKZEN or eKZEN!) tokens across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana networks.

Please, DO NOT SEND xKZEN or eKZEN tokens to the exchanges! Deposits on and other exchanges are accepted only in KZEN tokens.

Well, looks like you’re much more prepared now! See you on April 26th and stay tuned for other profitable announcements from Kaizen.Finance!



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