How Kaizen Managed to Achieve 121 Million TVL Growing 4444% in Just Three Months

Kaizen.Finance is a crypto token creation and management platform that, despite not being a launchpad, unites a suite of launch services under its roof. Kaizen makes it possible for partner-projects to take their token from zero to launch a much faster, easier and more profitable endeavor.

Actively participating in a total of three projects launches success and advising much more, Kaizen.Finance has proved that it goes beyond the MVP of a promising idea, but rather a fully working product offering real value to partners that have already taken the advantage of its platform.

With that in mind, let’s look at the fruits of Kaizen partnerships.


In September 2021 Weld.Money partnered with Kaizen.Finance looking to get advanced technical assistance in a wide range of crypto issues related with every professional project launch like: token creation, vesting schedule automation, staking and more.

In addition to these core technical sides of token creation, Weld.Money requested Kaizen’s surversion in hosting the community sale, selling the vested tokens. Weld.Money IDOs took place on ZENDIT, Hacken, A2DAO, and AnyPad. PancakeSwap and Uniswap were the platforms of choice for DEX listing.

The launch, which was performed in under 3 weeks, was a tremendous success.

At TGE, the price of the $WELD token peaked at x12 of the initial price and stabilized at x5, taking the market cap of Weld.Money from $15 million to $83 million.

This raised the Kaizen TVL (adding the value of locked WELD tokens) to the had not seen before levels and still forms a significant part of the TVL.

Internet of Energy Network

In October 2021, a partnership between Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) and Kaizen.Finance was secured to create the $IOEN token and automate its vesting schedule, issue collateralized $sIOEN and $spIOEN tokens, create staking offerings for both tokens, and supervise the launch of token. In addition, IOEN requested listing protection, fair launch, and counsel in tokenomics, sale strategy and community building.

Working together Kaizen and IOEN managed to achieve incredible tech results. Everything started with intelligently-designed tokenomics with automatically vested tokens, courtesy of Kaizen’s expert guidance.

The IOEN token went through several investment rounds, a community sale, 2 IDOs on different chains and finally listing. Token price organically grew to x10 of the original during the first 48 hours of trading.

The combined effort of Kaizen.Finance and IOEN have resulted in a market cap increase from $20 to $160 million, making Kaizen TVL grow to $70+ million!


In November 2021, ScottyBeamIO approached Kaizen.Finance to receive technical assistance in releasing the $SCOTTY token along with a lot of high-end token management demands touching bases with both ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards. For example, besides the ordinary token creation and management needs, ScottyBeam had plans to introduce staking with NFT mining for its community!

ScottyBeam’s community sale needs also included KYC verification, and the project required advanced fair launch, bot protection, and high load management on official pages due to an extraordinary demand for their services.

Kaizen managed to deliver on every point on the shortest notice. ScottyBeam launched smoothly with 0 cases of frontrunning during its listing on PancakeSwap enabling the price of $SCOTTY to soar to x14 and to stabilize at x10.

Not all the locked $SCOTTY tokens were included in Kaizen’s TVL yet, but even the current rate enabled Kaizen to step over the $100 million number in total value locked!


In a short time span of just 3 months, Kaizen.Finance has successfully enabled the launch of 3 project tokens across BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchain. The vast expertise and suite of services offered by the Kaizen platform have allowed three incredible projects, with varying levels of expertise in the blockchain and crypto, to launch their tokens and achieve impressive market results. The success enabled a 4444% growth in TVL in the Kaizen.Finance platform prior to its own launch.



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