How to Trade KZEN at A Quick Start Guide

In our Why is the best Listing Platform for KZEN, we’ve already discussed the benefits of listing KZEN on the exchange.

Therefore in today’s post we will speak about how you can quickly set up and start trading KZEN immediately after the listing on

1. Go to

2. In the upper-right corner, click Log In if you already have the account on the exchange and continue with your credentials. Or click Sign Up if you are a new user.

To create an account on, you need to fill in the registration form.

3. Once you create the account, in the upper-right corner hover over the Wallet menu, and select Deposit.

4. In your account, you can either scan a QR code or copy the address. This is the address of the deposit to which you can send KZEN tokens so you can trade them.

Please note that you can have the deposited KZEN tokens in such networks as:

5. Select the network you want to deposit KZEN tokens at, and send tokens to the address provided.

6. Once you send the KZEN to the address, go to the Recent Deposits tab. There you can find information about the amount of KZEN tokens you can use to trade.

7. To start trading KZEN, in your wallet, click the Trade button or use the direct link: directs you to the exchange orders.

Congratulations! You can now start trading KZEN on

We hope the information presented here will be useful to you.

Stay tuned for future publications as we always seek the best user experience for you as possible.

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