Kaizen Advent №4. Crypto Career: Writers

4 min readNov 29, 2022

December is only approaching, yet freezing crypto winter colds is something the industry has been experiencing for what feels like ages. Interestingly, news, trends, and market analysis remain in high demand. Strong projects are using the season of time to build, develop and implement features. Lots of work that is being done behind the scenes then needs to be effectively communicated through whitepapers, blogs, Twitter and Telegram posts — you name it.

That’s where writers step in.

What does it take to start writing in crypto?

It depends on whether you have worked with copy before. If you haven’t, but found yourself interested in exploring this route, then the obvious thing would be to just begin writing and put in the hours. Fortunately, writing is one of the most accessible skills to pick. Any computer, smart phone, or even pen and paper would do.

If you have any professional experience as a copywriter or a technical writer, then it’s highly recommended to get into the topic of crypto and the lingo associated with it.

For the basics, you can check out these resources:

🔴 Coinbase Cryto Basics

🔴 Coursera Blockchain Course

🔴 Ledger Academy

For jargon, you can refer to the glossary for definitions:



Getting up to speed on the terms and slang is one part of the puzzle. For writers, reading is pretty much on par with writing.

Developing the habit of browsing crypto-news, reading authoritative resources, and following content creators you actually enjoy plays a big role in understanding what is unique about crypto compared to other industries. It should also help you discover your own voice and subject matter that you are most invested in.

These news sites can be a decent starting point:




There are always the likes of Medium, Twitter, Telegram and even Discord channels that can boast great meaningful writing that offers a fine balance of entertainment, wit, and value. YouTube, of course, is always in the mix too, yet it’s not exactly your go-to for writing.

How to get on a crypto company’s radar as a writer?

Generally, as with any creative skill, it is best to put your writing forward. Presenting your writing with a proper portfolio, website or even an active social media (if it is relevant to your career) are all tried and true ways to go about it.

Even better–combine all of the above.

For example, you can get serious and create your own website, register a domain, buy hosting space. You can use the likes of Squarespace or Blogger to publish your work and use social media to link to it. This will allow you to own your work and simultaneously check the portfolio box.

Medium, LinkedIn, or even Twitter have all been known to work too, allowing to reach broader audiences easier.

Journo Portfolio, Contently, and Clear Voice can be used to create custom portfolios and present your best work.

How to produce copy if you are not a writer?

If you have no experience as a writer, you can still find opportunities to make money copywriting. For example, you can summarize materials written by others, produce text versions of live performances, and interviews. All relevant to crypto of course.

There are special tools that you can use for this purpose:

Otter.ai is an AI-powered tool that abstracts audio from Zoom events, Google Meets, YouTube recordings and generates summaries. If you learn to capitalize on its strengths, then you will have a solid starting point and your job basically trickles down to proofreading and editing. Offer to take notes during meetings, or offer your services to organizers of crypto conferences and workshops.

Copy.ai and Jasper.ai are tools that allow you to generate copy based on short descriptions. You can use them as a basis for writing tweets, ad copy, etc. It’s rather handy and can significantly increase writing speeds or help deal with the writer’s block, but be careful not to grow overreliant.

Lastly, get creative. You can even intentionally use robotic generators and play off of their inability to produce human-like sentences. The world is your playground. Find what makes you excited and the creativity will flow. Then it only becomes a matter of practice and honing your craft.

And if you are interested in finding a job as a writer, then you should check out the Crypto Careers article on design we have published earlier. The same general principles can be applied here with the exception of some portfolio tips, which we already covered.

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