Kaizen Advent №9. Passive Income: Affiliate Programs

5 min readDec 13, 2022


Here’s something that may surprise you — the so-called ‘crypto winter’ brings in some undeniable positives.

The bear market comes with a ‘silver lining’ for those of us involved in crypto marketing. As we have witnessed at Kaizen.Finance, there’s a significant increase in demand for advertising and promotion, services that became considerably cheaper lately.

One of the bigger ‘winners’ of this sticky period is affiliate marketing. Not sure what that is and how it can help you profit handsomely?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a monetization model where an external partner (e.g. you) is rewarded with a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant or advertiser.

More often that not, that specific ‘result’ is a sale of the advertised token.

However, some rewards are granted for helping increase the trading activity, number of exchange registrations, number of authentic users led to the advertiser’s website/social media channels, or number of app downloads.

Earnings in affiliate marketing come from the difference between what the client will pay you and what it will cost you to produce ‘results’. Therefore, if you learn how to build the community using modest resources, you could make a serious buck!

Money talks, and now you must be really interested to find out more about affiliate programs.

How To Start Earning Through Affiliate Marketing?

Starting such an activity is no simple matter, as in affiliate marketing it all stems down to making your community active and interested in the project of the client/advertiser.

You need a passionate audience that will be keen to visit the customer’s social media/website/exchange contract or do something that requires more commitment to generate you a healthy return. And here comes a logical question…

But I don’t have such an audience. Where can I find it?

That’s a great question, and there’s no magic pill answer, sadly. But here’s what we can say for sure — crypto is still illegal in many countries, and you can’t attract an audience from the crypto-hostile territories. Crossing out all such countries is certainly a start!

And as with everything in life, it’s all about the balance. You want quality leads, but you don’t want to overpay for them. Naturally, you are interested in the cheaper but legitimate ways to get the right kind of users.

Here are a few methods to build your audience:

🔴 Content Projects. Create a website, a YouTube channel or a Telegram group, where you regularly post engaging content is the most obvious way to build a fitting audience and inform people about affiliate offers.

🔴 Targeted Advertising. This method would be more suitable for those who have experience in setting up target ads in other markets. Crypto is allowed to be promoted on Telegram, Twitter, and it is possible to use Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram to attract some leads, albeit not as directly.

🔴 Co-marketing. This is a really popular trend in the second half of 2022 — multiple affiliate service providers place links to each other’s websites/YouTube/Telegram channels to share audiences.

🔴 Voice Search Advertising. Unlike text search advertising, which is done by virtually everyone, voice search ads are still only placed by a handful of people. The cost of attracting an audience there is much lower, making it a viable option for consideration.

That’s all good, but what audiences are interested in crypto the most?

Generally, there are two key groups to consider when advertising crypto: 30–60 male demographic from developed countries, who look to put their savings in crypto projects, and younger men passionate about all things tech.

If you are able to attract a quality audience using any of the aforementioned methods, you have a good chance to make great money from affiliate marketing! But of course, having the right audience is not enough, you have to choose the place where you will lead them!

How To Find The Best Project for Affiliate Marketing?

That’s a loaded question, but let’s try to cover it.

You can get orders from individual crypto projects, contacting them through social media or special email, traditionally placed in the footer of the website.

It makes sense to start looking at the modest-sized projects, preferably those you are interested in yourself. If you’re ‘on board’ with the vision of the project, and if you hold its token, its in your best interest to help the business prosper.

Another working method of finding a fitting project is looking through the list of upcoming launches on big exchanges and contact those projects through admins on the most active social media channels. If you do not have any project in mind yet, or the conditions do not suit you, do not sulk your shoulders yet!

You can always find opportunities to earn money from reliable customers and earn good rewards at that. Almost all major blockchain projects have established affiliate programs.

Some of the 2022 leaders include:

Binance — Overall Best Crypto Affiliate Program

Paxful — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for BTC, ETH, and USDT

Coinbase — Best Referral Trading Commissions

CoinMama — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Lifetime Referral Commissions

Changelly — Best New Crypto Affiliate Program

Local Bitcoins — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Buying & Selling BTC for Flat Cash

Trezor Wallet — Best Hardware Crypto Wallet Affiliate Program

Ledger Wallet — Best Crypto Affiliate Program with a Variety of Hardware Wallet Offers

Cryptotrader.tax — Best Cryptocurrency Tax Software Affiliate Program

eToro — Best Crypto Affiliate Program with a Social Trading Platform

Coin Smart — Simplest Commission Structure

Paybis — Best for Recurring Commissions in the UK

Eightcap — Best Crypto Investment Affiliate Program

Stormgain — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Convenient Trading

ChangeNow — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Quick Approvals

Coinrule — Best Crypto Agent Bot Affiliate Program

Bitfinex — Best for Recurring Commissions

BitStamp — Most Reputable Crypto Affiliate Program

Gate.io — Best Crypto Affiliate Program for Earning Big Commissions

While not the easiest way to make money, affiliate marketing is accessible without special knowledge, and there is no glass ceiling for your potential earnings. It certainly deserves to be examined closer, especially given that ‘crypto winter’ is still at full swing.

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