Kaizen.Finance Brings Its Advanced Token Security Solution to Solana Chain

2 min readFeb 12, 2024


Today, we’re excited to announce that our platform has started to support token security on the Solana network. This is made possible due by the updated Solana Program Library (SPL) operating standard.

At Kaizen.Finance, we always strive to ensure that our services meet the highest standards that projects put forth when they turn to us. That is why we have automated many processes, from token creation to token distribution to staking, etc.

Continuous improvement of token protection solutions is certainly one of them.

With security issues costing projects hundreds of thousands of dollars, protecting the value of project tokens is not a task, but a strategic goal for us. Such protection is especially necessary for early-stage projects that are just beginning their journey to the pinnacle of success.

To protect tokens issued with Kaizen advanced automated tools, we take a comprehensive approach by providing protection embedded in the token.

With this approach, we have already secured many projects on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum and other EVM networks.

Now, thanks to the capabilities of the updated standard, we can extend our security solution to projects issuing tokens using Kaizen.Finance’s services on Solana.

What Has Changed and How We Can Make Sure That Newcomers to the Solana Ecosystem are Safe

Solana Blockchain developers have introduced a new functionality to the Token Program that enhances its capabilities for token transfers (https://spl.solana.com/token-2022).

  • With this update, it is now possible to analyze information about transfers.
  • This update enables in-depth analysis of transaction data, providing invaluable insight into transaction activity.
  • This gives the Kaizen.Finance platform the ability to quickly identify and mitigate malicious transfers and potential attacks, thereby strengthening network security.
  • This update also allows the Kaizen.Finance team to leverage its advanced security solutions to protect new tokens launched on the Solana network from potential threats.
  • Kaizen’s comprehensive security solutions, including frontrunning prevention, sniper bot detection and blacklisting protection, provide a robust defense against common token launch issues. (Learn more about the range of threats that Kaizen protects against, as well as additional security measures, here.)

By implementing advanced token security measures on the Solana chain, we at Kaizen.Finance aim to enhance the integrity of the network ecosystem, meet the security needs of our users, and deliver significant cost savings to our customers.

Interested in incorporating Kaizen’s security tools to your token?

Contact us today by visiting the Contact Us page, leaving a message through your preferred medium, or submitting your project; either way, our team will provide you with exhaustive information and help you choose the security tool you need most from the extensive Kaizen.Finance’s tokem security toolkit.

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