Kaizen.Finance Hosts ARTM Public Sale: Why Is This So Special

ARTM, a governance and curatorial program token behind HOFA Galery, is coming to Kaizen on December, 28th. Who is HOFA, what is ARTM, and why this event is so special?

Who is HOFA

HOFA Gallery just announces the successful completion of fundraising rounds for its governance token, Artem Coin (exchange symbol ARTM), which will support art and NFT curation by collectors and enable them to work cross-chain on multiple platforms.

The three rounds raised a total of $4.75 million (seed round at $700,000 and private round at $3.75 million and a marketing round of $300,000), with Artem’s valuation set at $45 million for the public sale.

HOFA isn’t new to crypto. In the last years they performed a range of blockchain-inspired projects, among them:

⚡️ 2018 — HOFA became the first gallery in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, available in 21 different cryptocurrencies in partnership with Uphold exchange;
⚡️2020 — HOFA launches first-of-its-kind tokenised exhibition, promoting accessibility and democratizing the acquisition process of fine arts investments;
⚡️Dec 2021 — HOFA presents Beyond the Heavens as its latest NFT and contemporary art show at Art Miami, celebrating the launch of its new curatorial program via the native token Artem Coin (ARTM).

The IDO will launch on the 28th of December.

What is ARTM

The ARTM token facilitates exclusive access to professionally’curated programs and exhibitions by HOFA gallery and its аffiliate brands. Select works are also made available to collectors through HOFA’s innovative digital marketplaces HOFA.іо and Kreation.io as well as its blue-chip art division Artcels.com.

ARTM is а fungible multifunction cross-chain token conferring to its owner the beneficial properties of:

👉 value

👉 access

👉 rewards

👉 membership benefits

👉 sponsorship

Based on ERC-20 standard, ARTM is fungible digital token hosted on a EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based smart contract with cross-chain interoperability on Cardano and Solana blockchains (synergistically supporting HOFA NFT trading).

ARTM is а central component of HOFA’s fine art and luxury collectibles ecosystem, connecting investors, artists, auction houses, collectors, and partnering retailers (including Harrods, Saks, Moda Operandi, Piet-a-Porter and more) to the HOFA community.

Offering Artem on centralised exchanges by January 2022 will raise liquidity and accelerate the circulation of the new token, offering a unique model for consensus participation by stakeholders, one which offers investors a chance to make decisions directly on the treasury investments.

How Kaizen Community will benefit from it

Previous investment rounds of ARTM include a lot of famous crypto names, among them Animoca Brands, Morningstar Ventures, Genblock Capital, LD Capital, Spark Digital, Shima Capital, Skyvision, ZBS Capital and Double Peak.

Kaizen provides its community with the opportunity to join this awesome list. As Kaizen applies its unique toolkit to ARTM launch, locked ARTM token will be distributed to users’ wallets and will be available for staking and transfer.

Kaizen community is eligible to join ARTM Public Sale with or without Kaizen Pass. Stay tuned to Kaizen socials for details.




Kaizen is a first-ever Token Lifecycle Management cross-chain platform for both projects and investors

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Kaizen is a first-ever Token Lifecycle Management cross-chain platform for both projects and investors

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