Kaizen.Finance: Increased Staking Collateral Now Allows Staking Up to One Million Kaizen Tokens Across Supported Networks

4 min readFeb 16, 2024


Kaizen.Finance, the industry’s first automated token lifecycle management platform, has always placed a premium on staking to optimize the investment experience for its users.

Staking offers not only a source of passive income, but also provides a shield for investors seeking to maximize their returns over both the short and long term.

Most recently, the Kaizen platform has expanded staking opportunities for both its locked and unlocked tokens, allowing participants to earn rewards and additional income over an extended period of time.

Staking Enhanced Opportunities

By expanding collateral up to million Kaizen tokens into the staking contracts, we are providing our users with amplified avenues for passive income generation.

Explore all current staking rates listed on our website by following this link: https://token.kaizen.finance/staking-kaizen-token.

Yet, delving deeper into the benefits, Kaizen presents additional incentives: Through staking both locked and unlocked KZEN, you unlock the Kaizen Priority Pass.

The Pass comes in tiers. Each tier embraces exclusive benefits, including:

  • Owners and stakers of locked and unlocked tokens stand to benefit from access to allocations in partner projects launched on the Kaizen platform, along with early acquisition opportunities for these tokens prior to their public release.
  • Priority participation in IDOs and private offerings ensure that dedicated investors receive optimal terms on new ventures.
  • For those who occupy various tiers, the Pass unfolds exceptional advantages within Kaizen’s platform ecosystem. These benefits are meticulously structured across tiers. For a comprehensive understanding of Kaizen’s tiers, please visit https://kaizen.finance/pass.
  • Kaizen Pass holders can earn substantial APR interest rates by staking Kaizen’s locked tokens, further enriching their investment portfolios.

🔥 Hot Tip: Jump into the details of Kaizen Priority Pass and unlock all the benefits it provides to maximize your earnings in our ultimate blog post: Kaizen Priority Pass: Everything You Need to Know About It.

How to Buy Kaizen Tokens

This guide outlines the general step-by-step process for purchasing Kaizen tokens.

1. Navigate to https://token.kaizen.finance/staking-kaizen-token.

2. In the lower right corner, click the “BUY KZEN” button.

3. Select the network.

4. Click the “CONNECT WALLET” button to connect your wallet to the Kaizen platform.

5. Enter the number of Kaizen tokens you want to purchase and click the “PURCHASE” button.

6. Approve the transaction.

How to Stake Kaizen Tokens

This guide outlines the general step-by-step process for staking Kaizen tokens.

1. Navigate to https://token.kaizen.finance/staking-kaizen-token.

2. Select the network on which you want to stake your tokens on.

3. Click the “CONNECT WALLET” button to connect your wallet to the Kaizen platform using either the WalletConnect protocol or MetaMask.
Note: Before proceeding with staking, ensure that you have adjusted your default network to match the network you’re staking on when connecting your wallet.

4. Once your wallet is connected, select the staking period and specify the amount of KZEN tokens you wish to stake, then click the “DEPOSIT” button.
Note: Before staking, make sure that you have sufficient funds in your wallet to cover transaction fees.

5. To confirm staking, click the “DEPOSIT” button, and then approve the transaction.

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