Kaizen.Finance | ScottyBeam INO: What is INO, How Not To Miss It Out and Get Whitelisted

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Hello Kaizen Community!

We are happy to announce that on December 22, 2021, at 14:00 UTC, ScottyBeam Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering (INO) will be happening on the Kaizen.Finance platform.

In this post, we’ll reveal the details about the upcoming ScottyBeam’s INO. But before we move forward with the details, let’s start with the basics and understand the INO better.

What is INO?

Since the decentralized finance industry started to develop, and with the growth of the decentralized market of non-fungible tokens (NFT), the first decentralized platforms were in search of the ways of raising funds and attracting early investors. A variety of fundraising strategies and crowdsourcing initiatives have been established.

These initiatives have transformed into Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) and Initial Dex Offerings (IDO). An Initial NFT Offering is similar to an IDO. It allows projects and creators to engage with communities by distributing NFTs. As of today, INO has become one of the most popular fundraising models in the crypto sector.

So, basically, an Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering is a crowdfunding platform in which non-fungible tokens are offered for a certain amount of time at the start of a project.

How Does an INO Work?

Initial NFT offering entails providing a set of the first generation of NFTs for a limited time. As a result, INO allows investors to profit from the NFTs’ intrinsic supply.

To distribute their NFTs, projects may use a First-Come-First-Served principle or lottery mechanism, therefore increasing community involvement.

Also, NFT platforms often offer access to these NFTs based on the quantity of native crypto tokens a user owns. Users are encouraged to stake native crypto tokens to earn allocations from prospective NFT initiatives.

About ScottyBeam

ScottyBeam is the first-of-its-kind cross-chain project in the NFT industry — Scotty Beam NFT Teleport. Scotty Beam Teleport allows fast and secure NFT transportation and validation across the blockchains.

Some of the NFT Teleport features:

  • NFT Validator will verify all information about NFT and confirm its origin and value, show transaction history, and create certificates of authenticity.
  • Batch-teleport that will send multiple NFT tokens per transaction.
  • Ability to create and register NFTs automatically on such NFT marketplaces as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, and many others.

Note. Read more about ScottyBeam INO in the Scotty Announces Initial NFT Offering… Are You Ready? ScottyBeam Medium blog post.

INO Details

Network: Binance Smart Chain
NFT Price: 0,5 BNB
Schedule: 1st round — starts at 14:00 UTC; 2nd round— starts at 14:30 UTC.
1st Round Allocation: 1 guaranteed NFT per user
2nd Round Allocation: up to 5 NFTs per user
Accepted coin: BNB
Scotty Beam NFT smart-contract: 0x454d4e8009a6cbd0871e90839949d1abc22a4478
Supported Wallets: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, CyberWallet.ai, or any WalletConnect-compatible wallets.

INO Order

INO is scheduled for December 22, 2021, 14:00 UTC, and will be split into 2 rounds:

  • During Round 1 of the INO (14:00–14:30 UTC) only whitelisted participants and KaizenPass owners will have a guaranteed allocation of 1 ScottyBeam NFT.
  • During Round 2 of the INO (starts at 14:30 UTC) everyone may buy up to 5 NFTs. Please note that the Round 2 will be held on FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) basis.

How To Whitelist for ScottyBeam INO

1. Go to https://kaizen.finance/ino/kaizen-scottybeam.

2. On the web page, read the INO whitelist conditions and сlick Continue.

3. Click Continue to HyperID.

4. After you click the button, you will be redirected to the https://login.hypersecureid.com/ HyperID’s login page.

Note. HyperID is a secure identity and access management solution. Kaizen.Finance uses the HyperID service for user authentication and authorization.

5. To register a new HyperID account, click Create account.

Note. If you already have a HyperID account, click Sign in and specify the credentials you entered during the registration.

6. In the opened window, specify your Email, create a Password, and then Confirm the password.

7. When you finished filling out the fields, click Create account.

8. To allow Kaizen.Finance access to your KYC information and Email address, click Allow.

After you complete registration of the HyperID account, HyperID will redirect you back to the sale webpage.

9. On the IDO webpage, follow both ScottyBeams’s Twitter/Telegram and Kaizen.Finance’s Twitter/Telegram socials.

Firstly, click Kaizen.Finance Twitter.

10. Click Allow.

11. Sign in to your Twitter account. HyperID will redirect you to the Twitter’s authorization webpage.

12. In the next window, enter password from your Twitter account and click Authorize. After Twitter authorization, you will be redirected back to the HyperID webpage.

Note. If you face difficulties upon signing in your Twitter account, log out of Twitter account and try again. If the issue persists, try taking KYC in a different browser / incognito mode.

13. Once you follow the Twitter channel, click Continue.

14. Secondly, click Kaizen.Finance Twitter and then click Allow.

15. Sign in to your Telegram account. HyperID will redirect you to the Telegram’s authorization webpage.

16. In the next window, (1) choose your country, (2) enter your phone number, and then (3) click Next.

17. In your telegram account, check the message that has been sent and confirm access.

18. In the authorization window, click Accept. After Telegram authorization, you will be redirected back to the HyperID webpage.

19. Once you follow the Telegram channel, click Continue.

20. Repeat steps from 9 through 19 for ScottyBeam Twitter and Telegram channels.

21. In your MetaMask wallet, select Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

22. In the “Wallet Address” window, with the Binance Smart Chain network being selected, (1) click Connect Wallet. Your wallet address (2) will be inserted into the field automatically. Click Confirm Address.

IMPORTANT. Submit the wallet address you will be using at the INO.

Note. If you use a different wallet, in the “Wallet Address” field, copy and paste your wallet address.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully whitelisted on the Scotty Beam.

What’s Next

After you whitelist for the upcoming ScottyBeam INO on Kaizen.Finance, wait for the additional announcement on our official Twitter and Telegram channels to check if you are among the lucky winners eligible to participating in the first round of the INO.

Kaizen.Finance official social media channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Chat | Telegram ANN | Medium

ScottyBeam official social media channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Chat | Telegram ANN | Medium




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