Sale Under Attack: ScottyBeam Community Sale Retrospective

On November 8, Kaizen.Finance held a community sale for the Scotty Beam project.

ScottyBeam is the first NFT Teleportation and Validation platform, as well as one of Kaizen’s most notable partners. Per agreement between the sides, Kaizen.Finance created $SCOTTY tokens, managed their sale and distribution.

The community sale was deemed as a successful one closing in less than 10 minutes, albeit it was hampered by several adversary attacks. The undeniable popularity of Scotty Beam spawned many rogue doppelgangers, more specifically: scottybeam-sale[.]com and scottybeam[.]org.

Unfortunately, as a result users have flooded to Kaizen.Finance after having lost thousands of dollars to the perpetrators of clone Telegram groups and malicious websites. ScottyBeam and Kaizen cooperated to promptly take down malicious channels after having carried out preventive and restrictive measures to safeguard users from scammers.

ScottyBeam vs doppelgangers

After being shut down, presumed attackers rocked Kaizen.Finance with high volume DDoS attacks, overwhelming the platform at the time of the sale. Needless to say, despite the preemptive measures, the load caused by DDoS attacks spoiled quality user experience for many interested buyers.

As a sign of good will and appreciation, ScottyBeam has decided to provide KYC-ready community sale participants with commemorative NFT, and Kaizen.Finance, holding itself to high standards, has committed to upgrade its arsenal of combat-ready solutions for future threats to shield communities from ill-intent parties.

ScottyBeam NFT reward announcement

Kaizen is all about ‘continuous improvement’, taking this experience as invaluable to make future events safer and more enjoyable for all participants.

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