Kaizen Advent #6. Crypto career: Influencers

4 min readDec 6, 2022

One of the most popular types of marketing in crypto is working with Influencers.

Even now, during the crypto winter, projects are spending significant budgets on Influencers, and sometimes finding the blogger who would help a project in the promotion can be a challenge.

This article is the sixth one of our Crypto Advent activities, and in it, we will tell you how to become a crypto-blogger.

How to become an Influencer on Twitter (even if you’ve never tried it before)

Starting a career in crypto, as well as in any other field, almost always requires one key determinant factor from a person — a great desire to succeed in his business. Naturally, there are other things as well, but it is the motivation that a lot depends on.

The crucial thing to remember here is that big things start with small steps. It won’t be easy at first, but who has ever claimed otherwise?

The first stepping stone to fame and a successful Influencer career can be Twitter.

You may have already been with Kaizen when we launched Chirpley, the first AI-based platform for micro-influencers.

In order to start being a recognizable blogger and earn money along the way with Chirpley, you simply need to add your Twitter account to the list of bloggers and specify a wallet address for future rewards. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to have a promoted account — you can start with just a few dozen followers. AI will find brands for you whose advertising message fits your Twitter the best.

The website has an intuitive interface with enough tips to set up your campaign.

For even more cool tips and helpful hints for aspiring bloggers from Chirpley, check out their YouTube channel.

How to become an Influencer on Telegram

It’s a well-known fact that crypto-marketing is developing the most rapidly in Telegram. That’s why you should pay particular attention to this social network if you want to attract and reach out to the crypto community.

Additionally, you should know that creating your group, growing and multiplying your user base, and periodically accepting advertising orders is not the fastest approach, as it requires patience, time, and diligent work. However, from a long-term perspective, it is a tried-and-tested way to do things.

Traditionally, Telegram has done barter advertising by agreeing with emerging communities to build up a subscriber base.

Now the social network is offering an exclusive advertising tool, which involves setting up ads that will run using Telegram data in the communities most relevant to you. Learn more about this option here: https://promote.telegram.org/.

Other equally effective ways to become an Influencer

While Twitter and Telegram remain the primary channels of communication in crypto, there are other excellent possibilities. For example, you can create a channel about crypto on YouTube.

Interesting data about the search volume of crypto content as of December 2022 is introduced by VidIQ service:

Search results for the term “crypto” on Youtube

From the results above, we can conclude that millions of people are still interested in crypto topics, which means you will be able to find your niche in this market.

Furthermore, many large brands teach the art of blogging on YouTube for free. For example, you can start with this material from Wix.

Although the rest of the social networks are less popular in crypto, you can discover opportunities to advance and make money in the crypto-sphere there too.

Crypto-marketing experts recommend you start with the niche that appeals to you the most:

❄ If you want to cover GameFi projects, create a community in Discord.

❄ If you are into NFT, you should try Instagram.

❄ If you are eager to dive deep into technology or promote B2B solutions, start building a personal brand on LinkedIn or Medium.


Anyone can have a successful career in crypto. The Influencer’s path is no exception.

In this post, we have tried to tell you where you might want to begin looking. But it’s up to you to decide what your next job will be. Good luck, and stay with us as our Kaizen Crypto Advent is on.

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