Kaizen Advent №8. Crypto career: developers

5 min readDec 11, 2022

Apparently, the crypto winter colds have had little to no impact on the job market, at least where blockchain developers are concerned. According to the Crypto Funding, the demand for professionals in the $150,000-$250,000 range has, in fact, increased!

But what if you have never developed for blockchain before? What is needed to become a blockchain developer and where do you start?

What kind of jobs are available in blockchain?

Blockchain space is a relatively new field and career opportunities it presents are plentiful. We have previously looked at crypto careers in writing and design, but arguably the biggest one is software development.

🖱️ Blockchain developer

The blockchain developer role is likely the hottest career path you can take now. Businesses, governments and entire industries are eagerly searching for expertise in blockchain and assistance in exploring its potential.

As a developer, you can expect to work on decentralized applications and smart contracts for blockchain. For that, you will need some experience with C++, Javascript, and Python.

It is also worth noting that in blockchain development mistakes are very costly. Be prepared to pay your uninterrupted attention to every detail if you want to succeed, especially in this space.

🖱️ Solution architect

Blockchain solution architects carry the responsibility of designing and managing solution architecture. This role will have you not only lead the design, but also the assignment and connection of solution components with experts on the team who will be responsible for developing the complete solution.

While this position requires a slightly different skill set of that of a developer, it is a role that relies heavily on experience. If this sounds exciting and something you aspire to be, then landing a role on a product or development team could be your starting point.

🖱️ Project manager

While the architect’s focus is on solution design, a project manager closely oversees the development process. In this role you will be responsible for connecting blockchain projects to solution developers.

If you have experience in traditional/cloud project management, then you might already have the necessary skills that can be translated into the blockchain space. Excellent communication skills and ability to explain even the most complex terms in a concise and clear manner will be necessary when dealing with your team that consists of developers, creatives, and other non-technical team members.

Needless to say, you will need a thorough understanding of blockchain technology.

Who employs blockchain developers?

As mentioned, the demand is vast. In order to make the options a bit more approachable, let’s divide them into 4 categories:

⚒️Legacy industries

Traditional industries such as banking, retail, oil and gas are all actively exploring blockchain technology and the possibilities it can offer. Big-name companies are constantly seeking blockchain experts who can consult and direct company efforts effectively. There are also many who are already actively integrating blockchain.

Whether a programmer, advisor or architect — there is an opportunity for you.

⚒️Tech companies

Technically, these fall under the previous category, however, it is tech and fintech companies that are at risk of being left behind if blockchain gets enough traction quickly. After all, the main propelling force behind blockchain is the promise of truly decentralized systems.

Plenty of tech giants hire blockchain experts of all kinds and are prepared to pay big to secure great talent. Nobody wants to miss the train, so this can become the golden ticket to the major leagues, if that’s what you’re looking for..


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that entire states are taking great interest in blockchain. Its potential for security and transparency can play a crucial role in modernizing systems and processes. Many governments are considering the implementation of a digital currency, so it’s only natural that blockchain experts are in high demand.

⚒️Crypto space

Last but not least, the crypto space itself is booming with opportunity. Plenty of startups are appearing and a great deal of them have already established themselves as household names.

Joining a blockchain startup can propel your growth as a rookie as you will often find yourself in an environment where the entire team is collectively searching for solutions and thinking outside the box.

What skills do you need as a blockchain developer?

It should come as no surprise that your skills will determine if you have a shot at your dream job. This is especially true if you don’t have a relevant degree to back them up. Ultimately, you will have to be able to do things as well as the next person and better to get hired.

These are the most important skills any blockchain developer should have:

💠 Smart contract development. When applying for a position, you should already have some experience writing smart contracts. Whether Ethereum, Solana, or BNB Chain — you should pick up a skill in smart contracts as early as possible in your career.

💠 Programming language proficiency. Smart contracts can be developed using a number of languages. Javascript, Python, or Rust — pick your poison, but you absolutely must have at least one in your arsenal.

💠 Understanding of cryptography. When it comes to blockchain, cryptography is essential. You will be working with on-chain data and transactions, and without sufficient knowledge of cryptography there is no way you can ensure proper security.

💠Bonus. Besides the core skills, you will have to familiarize yourself with distributed ledger technology (DLT), P2P, data structure as well as security patterns. Each of these has a way of making your smart contracts better, decentralized apps more transparent, and you — a better developer.

Blockchain development can look intimidating, especially as you look at the long lists of what is expected from you. However, the majority of technical skills can be picked up with online courses, even free ones. It then becomes a matter of acquiring experience. If possible, associate with some startup for free or for little remuneration and get to learn the ropes on practical development.

If you are an aspiring self-taught developer, perhaps the best thing you can do is connect to other developers and start actively applying for entry-level positions to hone your skills and pick up experience. You got this.

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